Abominable Firebug
Richard B. Johnson

Richard Brian Johnson is the author of Abominable Firebug [1]  (ISBN 0-595-38667-9). A graduate of the Lyman School for Boys, [2]  Johnson invented the Rubber Ducky Antenna [3,4]  while a resident of this famous reform school.

He also created the JMODEM [7,8]  file transfer protocol in the days before the Internet, was the Sysop of the PROGRAM EXCHANGE bulletin board system, one of the first free software development groups, and was one of the first engineers to implement RLE compression run-length encoding (in hardware) to speed data transmission (circa 1967). [9,10]  Mr. Johnson is named co-inventor of several US and European patents such as U.S. Patent 5,577,026 [5]  and European application 0737370 [6] .

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